5 Best Polkadot Ecosystem Tokens to Watch — January 2022

Polkadot is a new privacy-focused and decentralized blockchain platform that aims to become the first truly scalable, secure, interoperable “Internet of blockchains” with cross-chain capabilities. Polkadot has many projects in its ecosystem including gaming pioneer FunFair and more recently stablecoin MakerDAO.

The “best polkadot projects: 2022” is a list of the top 5 Polkadot ecosystem tokens to watch in January 2022.


When it comes to developers, Polkadot is one of the most well-liked blockchains available. The developers of the project recognized that the Ethereum network had problems with high fees, protracted wait times for transaction processing, and low scalability. As a result, they made the decision to develop a project that would address these problems and enable the crypto industry to advance in its development and adoption.

It created secondary chains that function alongside its primary blockchain to accomplish this. In order to free up Polkadot’s main chain, these chains are meant to take over some of the work. Due to their capacity to connect to other projects, these parachains have also proven to be highly helpful in the process of developing interoperability in the blockchain industry.

However, Polkadot has emerged as one of the go-to alternative chains since Ethereum costs have risen to the point where many now deem them unacceptable. This has resulted in the launch of several projects, with more expected to follow. We suggest beginning with the following five if you want to learn more about them.

Moonriver, first

The first on our list is Moonriver, a parachain created using Polkadot’s open pre-production platform Kusama. The project is able to connect the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems since it is compatible with Ethereum smart contracts. In addition, it serves as a companion network to the Moonbeam project, serving as a canary network with incentives.

This implies that Moonriver may be used as a network for testing and experimenting with new code and updates, giving developers a chance to observe how their projects would function and assess their effects on the network under actual business settings. They wouldn’t import the project into Moonbeam on Polkadot unless they were certain that it functions properly.

Naturally, this presents a chance for investors who seek to keep track of any new and impending improvements and projects, as they will be the first to hear about them and witness them in action on Moonriver. Its native currency, MOVR, is a utility token that may be used to cover transaction costs as well as gas costs for executing smart contracts. It has several purposes that ensure its worth, including serving as an incentive and fueling the project’s mechanics.

Visit our Investing in Moonriver guide to find out more about this coin.

Celer Network 2.

Another well-known Polkadot-based project is Celer Network, which serves as a layer-2 scaling platform application. Although it works with other chains in addition to Ethereum, its main usefulness is in its ability to handle transactions off-chain.

By managing transactions off-chain, the initiative lightens the burden on the chain itself, accelerating the blockchain while also providing quick, easy, and highly secure transactions. Both managing smart contracts and routine payments can be done with it.

It was one of the first projects to be constructed utilizing the Substrate framework, which was used for the project’s development. Its current objectives are to improve the network’s functionality, including its efficiency, security, speed, and power.

Visit our guide on investing in the Celer Network to find out more about this cryptocurrency.

3. Dimness

The Shadows project, which was intended to act as a financial center for borrowing, lending, and trading futures, was another one that we liked. Users may take on some of the most well-liked derivatives in this multibillion dollar-large market thanks to this DeFi-focused effort.

By redefining the investing options available on the blockchain, Shadows is also creating a ton of brand-new, lucrative opportunities. It has developed its own decentralized derivatives platform on the web, also known as Shadows. The dApp may be used to issue, stake, or trade several forms of derivative assets.

The initiative also made investments in Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain, and it provides traders, users, and investors with a lot of advantages. For instance, it gives users access to a derivatives market and compensates holders of its DOWS coin. Due to its use cases, DOWS is also receiving its own utility, which may protect its future worth. It is a worthwhile idea, particularly for individuals who want to quickly access the derivatives market via a user-friendly dApp and enhance their portfolios.

4. Ternoa

Ternoa, a decentralized data transmission project that mainly utilizes NFTs, is now ranked fourth. The project’s creators developed it so that data may be stored and sent in one of the most secure methods possible with the state-of-the-art technology. The project employs Polkadot’s technology to provide its services to the consumers.

Because NFTs may provide safe access to new goods in the entertainment, gaming, data management, and other sectors, the project’s developers identified a wide range of potential and possibilities in the NFT sector. NFTs have also become a key part of the metaverse, the next major crypto movement, despite having emerged as a distinct trend.

In addition, NFTs may be used to store data and quickly establish its ownership, which, in a sense, makes them function as time capsules. The NFT owner is the only person who can access any data that is tokenized and used to mint the NFT, which might have a big impact on how we manage sensitive data in the future.

Overall, the project has a lot of promise and is certainly worth monitoring in January and the months to follow.

5. Centrifugation

Last but not least, we advise learning more about Centrifuge, a project that seeks to integrate real-world assets with blockchain technology. In essence, the project serves as a decentralized asset finance protocol that links DeFi with real-world assets. It also aims to lower the cost of financing for mid-sized and small firms at the same time.

It may also provide investors with a somewhat consistent stream of income, which is advantageous. The project’s main goal is to make money that is unrelated to the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency sector is not trustworthy enough to provide a consistent income because of its volatility. Instead, the scheme will move actual money from the fiat sector to the cryptocurrency sector. As a result, it may be helpful for businesses who want to utilize it to access the DeFi sector’s liquidity, tokenize assets, or even use their CFG token as collateral to secure funding.

Due to the opportunities it presents, the project has attracted a large number of significant partners, which might cause its price to rise significantly as usage continues to rise.


The ecosystem of Polkadot is developing quickly despite being relatively new compared to Ethereum’s. Numerous initiatives that would otherwise struggle on the Ethereum network have already been born thanks to it. As an illustration of why Polkadots is a superior, more effective network, they are instead prospering there. They benefit from being early adopters, thus investing in them in the near future might be quite beneficial for investors looking for fresh prospects.

Polkadot is a new platform that aims to create an ecosystem of blockchains. It is expected to be released in January 2022. The “polkadot ecosystem projects 2021” are the 5 best tokens to watch in the coming year.

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