Charged Particles believe NFTs are much more than just JPEGs |

A few weeks ago, the team at Charged Particles embarked on a journey to build the simplest blockchain-powered game they could. The result was NFTs – a wonder world where you can own and collect digital assets with no risk or hassle. This is just one example of how blockchain technology has allowed developers to create something entirely new that would otherwise be difficult or impossible without it.

The “nft examples” are a set of files that can be used to create your own NFTs. These files contain the data that is required to run an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Charged Particles believe NFTs are much more than just JPEGs |

NFT protocol Charged Particles is on target to complete every item on its somewhat ambitious roadmap less than a year after its primary net launch. The protocol, which was created to allow individuals to “do more with their NFTs,” has already started to test the limits of what an NFT can accomplish.

NFTs have just lately started to acquire momentum in mainstream media, despite the fact that they are not a new idea to those involved in the crypto business. The public’s perception of NFTs has been shaped by reports of pixelated JPEGs selling for tens of millions of dollars.

In contrast, Charged Particles is everything but one-dimensional. It was founded by Ben Lakhoff and Rob Secord, two industry veterans, and it delivers really unique, completely programmable NFTs. While NFTs created by Charged Particles are still non-custodial ERC-721 tokens at their core, they may represent a pool of other token holdings with fully adjustable parameters.

Its creators claim that its operation is similar to that of a standard index fund, which contains hundreds of stocks, bonds, and other investments. All of these things are sealed in an ERC-721 token for users to hold, trade, and collect in the case of Charged Particles.

More than simply JPEGs should be included in NFTs.

The company’s founders noted in an interview with that although they set out to provide creative methods to utilize the token standard, they were taken aback by the ideas made by the Charged Particles community. More use-cases and mechanics sprung up as the protocol evolved, altering the structure of the items it delivered.

“The community continues to amaze us with new and inventive ways to use the layering capability to add levels of value and develop whole new asset classes.” “I believe people are beginning to recognize that NFTs are so much more than simply jpegs, visual art, and collectibles,” said Ben Lakoff, the company’s co-founder and business head.”

NFTs, he said, provide a degree of realism to diverse digital things. Real-world composability is a crucial feature that we often overlook in the physical world, and it’s something that’s definitely lacking in our rising digital presence, he said.

This fundamental idea is what drew a large number of users to Charged Particles. The protocol has permitted approximately $3 million in NFT sales on its Art dApp since its primary net debut in February of this year. Charged Particles released a custom governance token, $IONX, to broaden the protocol’s use cases even further. It also passed the Arcadia Group’s smart contract assessment, assuring reliable operation and security.

Polygon, in addition to its professional development staff and close-knit community, has played a big role in Charged Particles’ success. Because of its cheap costs and scalability, the Ethereum scaling solution has swiftly established itself as a go-to platform for NFT protocols. In June, Charged Particles became the latest in a long series of protocols trying to take use of this infrastructure and provide the best possible experience for its consumers.

“All of Charged Particles’ fantastic, inventive actions—mining NFTs, depositing assets, time-locking assets, and so on—require a little amount of gas to execute. This may be rather costly on Layer-1 Ethereum, which is terrible if you’re trying to make anything cheap. “With Polygon, designers can tap into the potential of Charged Particles without having to worry about transaction expenses.”

As a result of this strategy, the protocol offers a broad range of applications.

“We get to construct and collaborate on a never-ending stream of exciting and innovative industry-changing ideas,” the founders remarked. “We witnessed artist Dina Brodsky employ Charged Particles in a mosaic project with 1,000 other artists to collect money for a kid with spinal muscular atrophy” (SMA). Sports celebrities like as Gigi Buffon of Italy and UFC fighter Michael Chisea of the United States have created unique nested NFTs with interest-bearing USDC and WBTC within.”

Bars and Melody came up with one of the most intriguing applications for Charged Particles. The popular R&B duo utilized the protocol to release a whole generative album. The music NFTs were made up of burnable utility tokens that let users to get things like free concert tickets and having their name included in a song.

“These trustless secondary trading markets are protected by these burnable utility tokens nested within the NFTs.” When someone buys the NFT, they may check to see whether the burnable token within has been claimed or is still available.”

The creators are proud of the ecosystem they created, which enabled diverse groups, initiatives, and subsets of those communities to thrive and collaborate. Hundreds of people of the community have been collaborating with Charged Particles advisers and their thirteen-person staff. Every day, hundreds more people join.

“We’re seeing more and more individuals constructing their own projects that leverage the Charged Particles protocol as a core building block as more people come to realize the variety of use-cases that our technology provides,” they said.

Charged Particles V2 will be released in the last weeks of the year to support the impending growth. This will set the tone for the company’s intentions to launch NFT liquidity mining utilizing Leptons in 2022, as well as a public API/SDK that will enable Charged Particles to be utilized in a range of dApps.

Charged Particles believe NFTs are much more than just JPEGs |


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Charged Particles believe NFTs are much more than just JPEGs |

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