Solana-based ‘Legend’ NFTs are bringing stars like Muhammed Ali to the metaverse

The “Legend” NFTs are Solana-based assets that have been created with the assistance of blockchain technology. It is a trustless system, meaning players can buy and sell these Legend items without fear of fraud or theft.

The “cointelegraph” is a publication that covers the world of cryptocurrencies. They recently published an article about how Solana-based NFTs are bringing stars like Muhammed Ali to the metaverse.

Solana-based In a press release released by, Blockasset, a sports platform intended at uniting players and their fans via decentralized technology, announced five heroes of its next outstanding ‘LeGENds’ NFT drop.

Former England and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney, former UFC champion, sports analyst, and pundit Mike Bisping, world-renowned New Zealand rugby sensation Jonah Lomu, worldwide hockey great Alexander Ovechkin, and boxing icon Muhammad Ali are among them. 

“The drop incorporates unique graphics created to remember each of the five players, both those still with us and those who have unfortunately passed away, conjuring some of the most memorable moments of their careers,” said Ryan Wilkinson, Blockasset’s Head of Product. “Through this initiative, fans will be able to reconnect with their favorites, collect each of these moments as unique digital art, and display it in their virtual sticker books,” says the company.

The BEST is on its way to #Solana

@dosbrak’s official @MuhammadAli generative NFTs

@RaydiumProtocol November 4, 14:00 UTC @RaydiumProtocol

November 2, 2021 — Blockasset (@Blockassetco)

On Solana, there are just a few NFTs.

Each of the athletes — or, in the instance of Lomu and Ali, their official executors — has validated the NFTs. Each non-fungible token will have art by Dosbrak, a well-known digital artist who will apply his own style to the photographs of the sportsmen. Exclusively via Blockasset’s NFT marketplace, 10,000 collector tokens with varying degrees of rarity — 2,000 for each of the five sportsmen — will be offered. 

On November 4th, the team plans to launch Raydium DropZone, the NFT platform on the Solana-powered decentralized exchange.

Access to an exclusive ‘Legends Club,’ where fans may speak with Blockasset athletes, participate in athletes’ AMAs, and even play against them in fantasy sports leagues, is built into the metadata of LeGENds NFTs. 

NFT holders also get discounts on the Blockasset marketplace, early access to new P2E games, and ‘on this day’ real-world incentives, in which Blockasset commemorates crucial points in the Legends’ careers. Collectors who have all five Legends will get first dibs on any future NFT drops on the Blockasset platform.

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Solana-based ‘Legend’ NFTs are bringing stars like Muhammed Ali to the metaverse

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